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Drinking glasses are perfect for drinking cold and warm beverages in every function or occasion. Roetell offers drinking glasses in bulk that are available in different designs and sizes that are suitable for your needs. We offer clear, tempered glasses that can maintain the coldness and warmness of beverages, including juices, wines, beers, and milk. Our drinking glasses are offered in different sizes depending on the design, they are available in 300mL, 320mL, 350mL, and 370mL.

With Roetell’s craftsmanship, we embedded unique artworks on our drinking glasses. If your needs are not listed, you can get in touch with the experts of Roetell. We will provide assistance in choosing the perfect shape, capacity, and tints of the drinking glasses.

Quality Drinking Glasses to Boost and Increase Business Sales
Roetell is a leading glass cup manufacturer with great experience in the manufacturing industry. We work with a dedicated staff to always deliver quality drinking glasses to meet your specific requirements. 

Drinking Glass Sizes

Our drinking glasses come in different sizes to give you a variety in the choices you invest in for your business. These glasses are available as 300ml, 350ml, and 370ml with different designs. 

Drinking Glass Colours

We feature drinking glasses that are designed in different colors to cater to the varied tastes of our customers. The available colors in our drinking glasses range to include clear, gray, blue, and pink. 

Drinking Glass Aesthetic

Our drinking glasses come with different decorations either on the arm of the glass cup or the body of the glass itself. We feature different decorations ranging from decals, spray paints, hot stamps, to screen prints. This allows us to cater to the decorating and labeling needs of our customers.

Drinking Glass

We work with a dedicated design team that works to provide high-quality glass options. Our glasses come in different designs with detailed statements to help your brand stand out. They are designed to feature sleek silhouettes, bright clarity, and heavy sham bottoms.

Drinking Glass Applications

When designing our drinking glasses, we ensure that they can be used to cater to both cold and hot liquids. This gives your brand great flexibility and works as an added advantage. Our drinking glasses are used with different beverages including juices, wines, beers, and milk among others.

Why choose Iqra glass & packaging?

Durability and Safety Assurance on all Our Drinking Glasses

We manufacture quality drinking glasses that you can repeatedly wash without any durability issues. They are designed to be corrosion resistant, heat resistant, and lead-free. This makes them a great product to invest in without having to worry about any defects in the handling of the drinking glasses. These features make these drinking glasses safe to be used in washing machines without getting any scratches. 

Our Guaranteed Manufacturing Processes

At Roetell, we work with glass as our raw material on all the products we create. We do this by manufacturing the glass products from scratch to ensure they are of the highest quality. We use sand, soda ash, limestone, and cullet to create soda-lime glass used in most of our products. We feature efficient and quality manufacturing machinery that makes the production of glass cups wholesale a breeze. You can trust that our manufacturing processes will yield great results for your business. 


Boost Your Business with Our Customization Options

Customization is a great part of our company’s operations seeing that we also work with companies who need their specific designs featured on their glass orders. This has allowed us to develop systems that enable us to provide this service to all our customers. We feature qualified designers who work closely with you to get your design concepts in check. We then work to develop drinking glasses that feature the exact designs to better resonate with your brand. For all your custom drinking mugs, we will be here to fulfill your desires and deliver according to your expectations.

Quality Assurance on Our Drinking Glasses

We feature an R&D unit that is tasked with researching the glass industry and developing actionable processes that we can lean on to give you an advantage in the market. These processes allow us to offer high-quality glass options for all our clients with ease. To ensure that all our drinking glasses are of the right quality and standard, we have quality control measures set up. We ensure that all our products pass these tests to rule out defects and other inconsistencies in the glass products. This process is done before the goods are dispatched to you to ensure that we meet our set standards. You can trust us to deliver on your product requirements to help boost your business. 

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